Words Do Matter

Bullying is no longer kids calling each other names on the playground. It’s physical abuse, it’s intimidation, it’s making you afraid to live your life. It didn’t start with Rebecca Sedwick, but it needs to end with her.

Rebecca’s Stand Against Bullying is here to raise awareness on the matters of bullying and to gain support to pass Rebecca’s Law.

Rebecca Ann Sedwick was a 12 year old girl that was beautiful, smart, funny and compassionate. I called her Becca. She is my daughter. She was always trying to help others and make everyone feel better about themselves. It was her dream to raise awareness and make educators and law enforcement realize how serious bullying has become. Sadly, Becca lost her life on September 9, 2013 from falling or jumping off a cement silo due to bullying and feeling helpless to stop it or for herself to be heard. I have taken on the role of advocate for our youth and young adults. My goal is not only to pass Rebecca’s Law and raise awareness of bullying but to develop a program to help our children raise their self esteem. Our motto is “Words DO matter!”